WePlay Ventures expanded its portfolio to 11 game studios in 2021

WePlay Ventures, Turkey’s first gaming industry-focused investment company, which started its operations in the third quarter of 2020, shared the summary of 2021.
WePlay Ventures Mobidictum
The investor company is expanding its field of activity.

WePlay Ventures, which has the title of Turkey’s first game-oriented investment company starting its activities in 2020, continues to maintain the successful momentum it has achieved while leaving 2021 behind. The investment company, which examined more than 1530 game initiatives in a year and interviewed more than 600 studios, managed to increase its portfolio to 11 studios with eight new investments made in 2021.

The companies invested by Weplay Ventures are as follows:

  • Gnarly Game Studio
  • Madcraft Studios
  • Funmoth Games
  • Hoody Studios
  • Forge Games
  • Gorilla Softworks
  • Gyroscoping Games
  • UDO Games
  • Hero Concept
  • Apphic Games
  • Abrakadabra Games

Weplay Ventures has invested heavily in PC, console, and mobile platforms. 60% of Weplay Ventures investments went to mobile and 40% to PC and console game companies. As of 2022, the investor company will expand its field of activity to include Eastern Europe and Central Asia and will transfer the success of the Turkish game industry to other ecosystems in this region. With the new steps it has taken, Weplay Ventures aims to be the leading investment company in the area.

WePlay Ventures, which makes its investments with the Smart Capital Model, offers much strategic support and financial support to the startups it invests in. By positioning themselves as a teammate, they support game studios from an early stage on issues such as strategy, finance, and business development, allowing them to grow much faster and become one of the important players in the global game market.

In this direction, the game studios that WePlay Ventures invested in grew more than four times in a year, increasing their total valuation to 74 million dollars. Game studios, which have more than 190 teammates, have developed more than 220 games in total, 11 of which are PC and Console.

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