Whaleapp hits 40 million mobile game downloads

Whaleapp, which we know with the recently released Blitz: Rise of Heroes game, has reached 40 million downloads worldwide.
Whaleapp 40 million downloads
Producer Whaleapp announced that it has reached 40 million downloads.

Whaleapp has reached 40 million downloads thanks to its first mid-core game, Blitz: Rise of Heroes. Based in Israel and Ukraine, the company reported 158% growth in the last three months.

Hidden Hotel, Family Zoo and Blitz: Rise of Heroes are among the most popular games that helped Whaleapp reach 40 million downloads.

Whaleapp product management director Ziv Kitaro said in an interview that Whaleapp had reached more than 100,000 daily active users just weeks after releasing Blitz: Rise of Heroes worldwide on iOS and Android on November 9.

Kitaro used the following words in his speech;

“This is a company created by people who really love business, who love games, who really want to make games into a business, and everybody is doing their best. Ilya sits in every meeting and it’s not about micromanaging. It’s about being involved and caring.”

Kitaro said that the company does not compromise on production values. The company’s first two casual games, Hidden Hotel (a hidden object game) and Family Zoo became popular on both iOS and Android. In this way, the company accelerated community management.

The soft launch allowed Whaleapp to thoroughly test the game system, develop individual battles and boss encounters, and work on the game’s storytelling in real-time. The company also tested the game on various Android devices. Blitz received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Android and iOS.

The company said its average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) is 50% higher than its top five competitors.

Kitaro added;

“We’re the youngest company to hit the top 10. We’re also one of the most lucrative game companies in Ukraine.”

Let’s also mention that Blitz: Rise of Heroes will come to PC in the first quarter of 2022. Behind this idea lies the purpose of Blitz to work on all devices.

Kitaro concluded his speech with these words:

“We’ll focus on both mobile and PC for the future.”

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