What is Gala Games?

We have compiled what you need to know about the Gala Games project.
One of the most successful projects of recent times: Gala Games

Gala Games is a platform with various play-to-earn games. It enables the development and delivery of blockchain-based games to the user. Within the scope of the Gala Games project, there are multiple games and offer various opportunities to both gem developers and players.

Launched in 2020, Gala Games gives the player GALA coins with the games in it. GALA coin, a cryptocurrency, has the title of being one of the most profitable gaming coins. Let’s explain the Gala Games system with sub-titles.

What are Gala Nodes?

Gala Nodes is a network in the Gala Games project ecosystem, where anyone can join with their computers. Community members who own Gala Nodes power the ecosystem with their participation. Gala Node owners earn various NFTs and GALA coins for this power they provide to the ecosystem. In a way, they rent a server to Gala Games and make money from it.

How to buy Gala Nodes?

Getting a Gala Node is pretty straightforward. After you become a member of the Gala Games website, you can bid for Gala Node with a few clicks. Once you have a Gala Node, you can get support from Gala Games and the community.

You can easily bid on Gala Node from Gala Games site.

Which games are available on the Gala Games platform?

There are currently eight games on the Gala Games platform. Gala Games library, which started with the slogan “Making blockchain games you’ll actually want to play.”, expands and offers new possibilities.

Games on the Gala Games platform:

  1. The Walking Dead: Empires
  2. Mirandus
  3. Legacy
  4. Last Expedition
  5. Echoes of Empire
  6. Spider Tanks
  7. Town Star
  8. Fortified
Gala Games platformundaki oyunlar

In addition to these games, the Gala Games platform is open to new games. The games on the platform may increase in the future.

What is GALA coin?

The GALA coin is a cryptocurrency linked to the Gala Games platform. The GALA coin is used to purchase products, make peer-to-peer payments, and purchase GALA Nodes through the Gala Games ecosystem. It can also be traded on open crypto markets. It is attached to the Ethereum blockchain and cannot be mined. The GALA coin was one of the past year’s most significant and profitable coins. In about a year, the value of the GALA coin has increased 310 times.

How to get GALA Coin?

You can get the GALA coin by playing Gala Games platform games or as a Gala Node owner. Also, the GALA coin can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. It should be noted that all cryptocurrencies are investments. You can make a profit as well as a loss. GALA coin has a market capitalization of approximately $2 billion (2,230,781,975) as of today.

How does the Gala Games system work?

Gala Games platform is a game platform like Steam. As a player, you can start earning money by choosing the game you want and playing. Game developers may also consider producing games for the Gala Games platform. On the other hand, Gala Node owners will also earn money and various prizes from Gala Games.

The cycle of the system, in its simplest form, is as follows: Developers produce games for the Gala Games platform. Gala Node owners feed the system using the power of their own computers. Players also earn money by playing games on Gala Games. Thus, a token economy is created and an environment where everyone who is a part of the system can make a profit.

How to earn money from Gala Games?

In fact, we have explained this so far. The GALA coin is the material value that forms the basis of the Gala Games project. This coin works in the same logic as all other game coins. The only difference here is that you can only be a player or investor in other games, while in the Gala Games project, you can be a player, investor, node owner, or developer. If you have somehow become a part of this system, it means that you have already started to make money. But that doesn’t mean you will always make a profit. As with any investment, there are risks you have to take.

Gala Games Store

The place where you can use Gala coins most actively on the Gala Games platform is the store. You can make various transactions with Gala coins in the Gala Games store.

You can have Gala coins by selling game items in this store or buying products with the coins you own. In both cases, the things you trade have a monetary value.

Gala Games built-in store


Gala Games is not a game; it is a platform with more than one game in it. There are play-to-win games on this platform. You can earn GALA coins by playing games here. At the same time, Gala Games is open to new developers. If you wish, you can join the system from a different perspective as a Gala Node owner.

One of the top-paying coins of the past year is the GALA coin. Gala Games has accomplished great things with its economy and community support. While the project was still very new, the participants made high profits. Time will tell how long this success will last.

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