White Nights Summer 2020 is coming virtually soon, get your tickets now!

white nights summer

2020 is the year or virtual events due to the ongoing pandemic. We saw many successful digital events throughout the year including the first-ever WN Hub which had over 5000 participants. If you are hungry for more industry events, White Nights Summer 2020 is around the corner! The new event will virtually take you to five different cities which are London, Berlin, Shenzhen, Saint Petersburg, and San Fransisco. This means you will get the chance to see different markets and regional ambassadors.

White Nights Summer 2020 is starting this month

That’s right, you don’t have to wait! White Nights Summer 2020 is starting on the 20th of July and it will end on the 24th of the same month. Furthermore, the event will be held on the WN Hub. More than 70 games industry experts will share their knowledge and experience through talks and panels. Expect to see talks from Niantic, Rollic, Netmarble, Adjust, Kwalee, Unity, Rovio, App Annie, Zimad, and more. You can check the full program which starts on the morning of July 20 by clicking here. On the first day, there are various talks from Game World Observer, Newzoo, Adjust, Rollic, Tenjin, and more.

white nights Summer

For game developers, you can participate for free in Developer Showcase Online. It will help you to get more people to see your game and receive feedback and more. Follow the steps described here to show your game during five days of the WN Summer.

Get your tickets now!

There are three types of tickets. The first one is Basic Pass which you can get it for free and gain access to the expo zone and talks. For EUR 99, you can get the Standard Pass which will grant you the expo zone, lectures + recordings, 10 private chats, 10 meeting requests, and offline networking when available. Finally, the Business Pass will grant you unlimited private chats, unlimited meeting requests, video meetings, a highlighted profile in members’ list, and offline networking when available.  Are you planning to e-attend?

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