Why should you attend Mobidictum Business Meetup Izmir?

Many different privileges await the participants at Mobidictum Business Meetup Izmir.
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What awaits you at Mobidictum Business Meetup #2?

Mobidictum Business Meetup is a business event with the participation of video game companies across the world from the game industry, where participating companies and people meet each other, establish business connections and grow their network. Mobidictum Business Meetup Izmir —our second major event, the first of which was held in Istanbul— will take place on May 13 at the IzQ Innovation Center.

What does Mobidictum Business Meetup offer to the participants?

By participating in this event, you’ll get a chance to communicate and meet up with people from many different business lines and get in contact with dozens of different companies. During the event, you’ll be able to gain valuable information and take your business to the next level. Here are some insights from the previous event;

  • Over 200 participants from over 100 companies
  • 14 speakers
  • 5 panels


By participating in the panels that will take place after the opening speech to be made in the first hours of the event, you’ll get to listen to the experiences of key players in the industry, who have spent years in the industry, and access deeper information about your business, company insights and educational content.


During the event, you can interact with other participants, establish new connections and strengthen your business connections in the networking area.


You can continue to strengthen your business connections while having a pleasant time with the cocktail that will take place at the end of the event after the sessions and panels.

Badge collection & dinner

Badge Collection & Dinner

Participants with professional tickets will enjoy a pleasant dinner accompanied by the beautiful sea view of Izmir and have a pleasant time in this organization.

IzQ Innovation Center

Established as part of the Turkey Resilience Project supported by the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund (MADAD), the IzQ Innovation Center acts as a bridge between large companies and universities. Located in the center of Izmir, the area has easy access and all necessary infrastructures.

Take advantage of Early Bird discounts

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can reach the link below to take advantage of the Early Bird discounts special for pre-sales and buy your ticket.

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