Why top chart doesn’t mean profitability? | Jon Hook from BoomBit

jon hook

Publisher Corner video series started on Mobidictum Business YouTube channel.

In this series, mobile game publishers from all over the world will be guests. We will discuss in detail that the mobile game industry and the personal experiences of guests in their business life.

In the first video of the series, we’ve interviewed the VP of Publishing, Jon Hook of BoomBit the hypercasual game publisher.

BoomBit is one of the world’s largest mobile game publishers. They were established as a mobile game developer in 2012 in the UK, and currently have a strong presence in the US, China, United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Poland with over 250 employees worldwide.

BoomBit has become a hypercasual publishing studio and growing up rapidly. They are the 4th fastest-growing hypercasual publisher.


In this video, Hook, VP of Publishing of the company, had a pleasant conversation about the hypercasual industry with Batuhan Avucan, the Managing Director of Mobidictum.

They’ve talked about why the hypercasual game development studios should consider profit over top charts, publishing deals, and about the hypercasual industry in general.

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