Why was Flappy Bird taken down?

Why was Flappy Bird, which came to the fore with its rise in 2014 and went viral, removed from all markets?
Why was Flappy Bird banned?
Why was Flappy Bird, one of the fastest growing games, suddenly removed from the markets?

Remember the tiny bird that once went viral? The removal of Flappy Bird was due to the developer’s own choice, not due to any legal issues. Although many people were upset about removing the game, the developer did not give up on his decision.

Flappy Bird, which exploded with its release and played a significant role in the rise of the hyper-casual genre, was canceled after it became the most famous game in the Play Store. Although people continued to argue for a long time that the game was banned, the truth of the matter was not. Thinking that children and adults are overly addicted, developer Dong Nguyen made this decision himself. The game became one of the most sought-after games of 2014; even though it went viral, it is possible to say that there are still people looking for it even today.

Statements made by developer Dong Nguyen on Twitter.

Saying that he developed the game in 2 days, Dong Nguyen stated that he earned around $50,000 a day, although he did not set any marketing strategy. Nguyen noted that he could not sleep because of the videos watched by millions on YouTube and the game that caught this momentum with the power of social media.

Due to the game’s popularity and its abrupt removal by its creator, pre-installed mobile phones with the game were offered for sale on the Internet at high prices.

Reason for Flappy Bird being removed from Play Store and App Store

The Flappy Bird’s creator had managed to make a simple yet challenging game for users. Over the game’s lifetime, it received more than 50 million downloads in one year and has become an addiction. Due to the game’s popularity, Nguyen received many interview requests.

The main reason for these interview offers was that Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen removed it because he felt guilty about the game being addictive. Less than a year after its release, Flappy Bird was removed from the markets.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the game’s famous creator, Dong Nguyen, explained why he removed such a popular and high-paying game after only one year on the market.

However, Twitter users claimed that Google banned this addictive game.

About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was a game where players touched a bird to control it to move forward without hitting obstacles. Vietnamese Dong Nguyen was the founder and developer of the Flappy Bird game. Dong Nguyen created this game under Gears, experimenting continuously for several days. Thanks to the game, Nguyen became famous around the world.

Nguyen created Flappy Bird in two to three days. Bird Faby is the main character of the game. The act of bouncing a ping pong ball on a paddle for as long as possible was the inspiration for the game.

Flappy Bird Gameplay
The game had a simple interface and gameplay.

In the beginning, the game was much easier than the final version, but according to Nguyen, the final version proved challenging for most players. The game managed to go viral with minimal graphics and a mediocre interface. In the game, the user had to safely pass the bird named Faby through pipes with random gaps placed at a certain height.

Faby the bird experiences ups and downs on its own as the player taps the screen. Following this, the player gets one point for each successful pass through a pair of pipes. The game is over when the player hits a pipe or the floor.

How much money did Flappy Bird make?

The game went live in May 2013 but didn’t experience any upswing until early 2014. With 50 million downloads, the developer said the game is making $50,000 a day. By the end of 2014, the game had grossed $11 million. Even in 2015, the game’s downturn is estimated to have grossed between $1.8 and $2 million.

The game was so popular that it received nearly 68,000 reviews on the app store in 2014.

Facts about Flappy Bird

  • Developed in 2 days
  • Received more than 50 million downloads in one year
  • Made $50,000 a day
  • Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, removed this game since he thought Flappy Bird was over addicted to children and adults
  • Nguyen rejected all buying offers
  • The act of bouncing a ping pong ball on a paddle for as long as possible was the inspiration for the game
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