Word Domination reaches a new milestone

Word Domination

Word Domination, the tactical word game from MAG Interactive reaches a new milestone. Today the company proudly announced that its game has passed 10 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store. The real-time word game launched two years ago and  ranked top 5 in word game category in 140 countries. Active monthly players count also hit a new achievement because it has over one million players.

Strong game mechanics and regular updates allowed it to grow

Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive said that “Strong game mechanics, regular updates and new events allow our games to grow and develop over time”. He also said:

We are very proud of the team behind Word Domination and will continue to support them in developing the game. Our games tend to grow in revenue three to four years after launch and Word Domination is in the middle of that growth journey.

Word Domination
Screenshots from the game.

Furthermore, MAG Interactive shared that the Scandinavian countries collectively have the best players in Word Domination. Norway is at the top, beating its neighbors Sweden and Denmark. We also knew that players have played 850 million matches and used 1.7 billion boosters. Another fun fact is that a player has played 36000 matches, which is the most matches played by a player yet.

About the MAG Interactive

MAG Interactive is a casual social games developers. Since they started in 2010, their portfolio of games has been downloaded more than 250 million times. Their most popular games are obviously Word Domination beside Ruzzle, WordBrain, and QuizDuel. Their main revenue source comes from advertisements and in-app purchases. For example, Word Domination has a VIP subscription that offers players the chance to double the energy bar and half the recharge time and remove ads. Here at Mobidictum, we are fans of the game and we wish the developers the best of luck!

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