Etermax releases its new game, Word Show!

etermax, the company behind hit titles like Trivia Crack, Word Crack, and Apalabrados is coming back with a new game. Word Show is a single-player word puzzle game, in other words, it doesn’t need an internet connection. The game has more than 50 episodes and each one has 10 levels in it. After doing the math, there’s 500 level you need to complete. Right now, the game sits in the 82nd rank in Word category on the App Store. On Google Play, the game already surpassed 100,000 installs.

For now, Word Show has two game modes

The game which launched today has two modes. The first is Free Mode where players must reach a certain number of points in the progress bar that allows them to complete the level. The second one is Find Mode, in it, players must complete the given words in preset boxes with the assigned letters. There are some power-ups for when falling into a dead end. By pressing the button in the lower-left corner of the screen, Word Show allows unlimited reordering of the offered letters and thus finding words that have not been seen. Furthermore, there’s a coin system which you can use as well to get some help.


Word Show

Did we mention that the host is adorable? Also, each episode of Word Show is designed with colorful settings accompanied by fun and relaxing music. The game is now available in Google Play and the App Store worldwide. It supports Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.

It’s an exercise to the mind

That’s what Tatiana Kondratyeva, the Executive Producer of etermax in Berlin. She also said the following in the press release:

With a simple but extremely challenging mechanics, we launched a new proposal for the curious minds of the world with which we seek to accompany our users and invite them to continue developing their knowledge. Word Show is an experience that brings a fresh twist to the genre. It is tailored for a wide audience of people who enjoy relaxing word games. We are convinced that by playing only 10 minutes a day, they will be able to exercise their minds and develop their vocabulary widely.

Will you play it?

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