Xbox Game Pass app generated 14 million downloads

Xbox is happy with entering the mobile market.
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Microsoft has started to offer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to users on mobile without requiring a console. xCloud is rolling out fully to iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, as well as Windows and macOS based computers. xCloud has been in an invite-only beta period since April 2021, but Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now access games directly from their devices.

Microsoft says xCloud on PCs can be accessed via the Edge browser and Google Chrome. More than 100 games are currently available on the platform and can be connected to the system via Bluetooth or USB. On iOS, it will run as a web-based app via Safari and you will have the option to use a joystick for certain games. Microsoft also shared in its blog post that xCloud is now supported by Xbox Series X consoles, with streaming up to 60 frames per second at 1080p with a fast enough internet connection.

Getting xCloud on iOS was a grueling process at first, as Apple’s App Store guidelines initially blocked not only Microsoft, but also Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming services from launching in the App Store. Apple finally opened some loopholes to allow them to work over the web.

The Xbox Game Pass application, which can be used to stream games on Android, has reached close to 14 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play to date, and 9.3 million of these downloads took place in Google’s market. In addition, the Xbox Game Streaming application, which is only available on Google Play, has reached 3.2 million downloads worldwide to date.

Looking at other streaming apps, Nvidia GeForce Now has 4.2 million downloads to date on Google Play, while Google’s Stadia has 3.3 million total downloads on both the App Store and Google Play.

Looking at downloads in 2021 alone, the Xbox Game Pass app has received 2.5 million downloads so far this year, of which 1.8 million have come from Google Play. Meanwhile, the Xbox Game Streaming app received 391,000 downloads. At the same time, Nvidia GeForce Now has 1.4 million downloads so far this year, while Stadia has 598,000 downloads.

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