Xsolla and Devcom agree to one-year strategic partnership

The aim is to contribute to the game industry in developing countries.
Xsolla Devcom

Devcom, the game developer conference accompanying the Gamescom event held in Cologne, Germany, signed a one-year strategic partnership with Xsolla, which provides payment services for games all over the world. The two companies hope it will lead to good things for game developers and creators, with the goal of contributing to the gaming industry in developing countries.

Xsolla has been a long-time sponsor of Devcom, which was held online in August. Now, with this agreement with Devcom, it aims to provide both strategy and logistics opportunities for the event. In addition, it will continue to provide a payment system for Devcom events.

From the Devcom event.

Devcom boss Stephan Reichart made the following comments on the subject:

“We met Xsolla about a year ago and did some things together on the Twitch platform. The more we did together, the more we analyzed it, the more we realized that we were in the same position in this industry in many things. It made perfect sense to me to not only do a typical brand partnership for the events industry but also connect us on many other levels.”

The partnership includes the integration of Xsolla’s payment system and infrastructure as Devcom’s lead solution for all upcoming events, including the Devcom Developer Conference, the Art, and Animation Summit, and the upcoming Master Classes.

This deal includes more than a typical sponsorship

Xsolla will also stand out as the main partner for all upcoming events, join Devcom channels with informative industry content, and hold a permanent seat on the Devcom strategic advisory board. In this way, Xsolla aims to put its expertise on the table and thus continue to offer engaging content to Devcom audiences.

Devcom and Xsolla have had successful collaborations in the past and anticipate this expanded partnership will lead to other similar long-term collaborations between companies operating in the event/content formats and gaming industry around the world. Each of the two businesses brings together a broad network of industry professionals and knowledge so they will be an example of how long-term partnerships can benefit the community as a whole.

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