yellowHEAD launches Alison 2.0 featuring new AI tools to further optimize ad creative

Here’s a brilliant AI creative insights platform that analyzes dozens of ad creative parameters.
yellowHEAD Alison 2.0

yellowHEAD, the AI-powered performance marketing company, announced the launch of Alison 2.0, featuring significant updates to its SaaS creative insights platform. Alison 2.0 leverages recent innovations in statistical modeling and computer vision to improve the platform’s ability to ideate, analyze, and optimize ad creative. Marketers and performance advertisers can use the platform’s enhanced AI engines to ensure their campaigns achieve maximum results and avoid ad fatigue.

Alison 2.0 by yellowHEAD
Alison 2.0 by yellowHEAD

Alison is an AI creative insights platform that analyzes dozens of ad creative parameters — such as characters, imagery, color, copy, sound, and others — to identify the best construction for campaign performance across digital channels. This approach to creative optimization has proven remarkably effective, as ads created by Alison have generated more than three times the return on ad spend created through traditional means. Employing a retooled algorithm set, Alison 2.0 improves the full range of the platform’s capabilities.
Platform upgrades in Alison 2.0 include:

Alison 2.0 by yellowHEAD
Alison 2.0 by yellowHEAD
  • Enhanced Intelligent Recommendations: Alison 2.0 uses a more robust statistical model to drive its actionable recommendations, ensuring the creative elements used in ad campaigns achieve custom KPIs based on placement, geography, and other factors. 
  • Improved Element Identification: Alison 2.0 uses new computer vision technology, combined with human intelligence, to more accurately identify unique creative elements such as characters, colors, music, text, and much more.
  • Upgraded Automated Tagging: Alison 2.0 uses innovations in machine learning and additional taxonomies to support more accurate ad creative analysis. 
  • Enrolled Desktop Application Compatibility: Previously available only via mobile app, Alison 2.0 makes these features available on desktop devices.

Shai Karmi, CEO of yellowHEAD said:

“Alison is the most intelligent tool in the market to help advertisers produce ad creative that resonates with their audiences and drives their top KPIs. With these latest improvements, we’ve made Alison even smarter. We’ve updated the machine learning algorithms, enhanced the computer vision models, and improved the intelligent recommendations system. We employ some of the best data scientists in the industry, and they’ve done a tremendous job of pushing the boundaries of what AI can do for advertisers.”

Advertisers interested in receiving a demo of Alison 2.0 or getting started can visit More information about Alison 2.0 can be found at, while a video overview of how Alison 2.0 works can be viewed at

About yellowHEAD

yellowHEAD is pioneering a new era in performance marketing through its unique blend of talent, technology, data and creativity. Founded in 2013, the company delivers unprecedented ROI for campaigns across paid and organic channels including UA, ASO, SEO and creative services based on Alison insights. yellowHEAD delivers cost-effective business outcomes for partners through integrated media strategies underpinned by AI-powered analytics, real-time visualization tools, revolutionary A/B testing technology, and a talented in-house design studio and creative services team. The company has a global team of more than 130 expert marketing specialists, with headquarters in Israel and offices in the US and Europe. For more information, visit    

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