Zilliqa to work with XBorg to accelerate its gaming development ecosystem

The duo will focus on a series of strategic collaborations that include event organization, co-marketing activities, and more.
Zilliqa and XBorg logos in the foreground, a purple colored galaxy in the background

The world’s first sharding-based blockchain Zilliqa partners up with XBorg, a leading Web3 gaming community and an esports 3.0 organization to advance the development of its growing ecosystem in the gaming space.

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This new partnership will allow XBorg users to access beta versions of games that are built on Zilliqa. This will also help the latter brand as it will gather valuable feedback from users. XBorg will power up Zilliqa’s games by bringing new players to the platform, the esports 3.0 organization will also create competitions and tournaments for Zilliqa’s titles. The duo will also combine their forces within Zilliqa’s gaming ecosystem.

Matt Dyer, Chief of Staff at Zilliqa said the following about the partnership:

“Games are defined by the strength, size, and support of their communities. What we’re looking to do through our partnership with XBorg is to take a collaborative approach to the development of Zilliqa’s gaming ecosystem.

“Gamers, like crypto natives, are constantly looking out for new games to try and the next big thing, which is why we are engaging in cross-promotional activities with XBorg. Our strategic initiatives with teams like XBorg will bolster Zilliqa’s end-to-end game development and publishing pipeline, from iterative feedback pre-launch to co-marketing and competitive events for our live titles.

“Every element of this partnership will extend the visibility of Zilliqa’s games to entirely new audiences and communities that we would otherwise not be able to reach.”

Louis Regis, the CEO, and Founder of XBorg also commented:

“At XBorg, we are focused on creating and cultivating healthy gaming ecosystems within Web3 games that put players first. This would not be possible without aligning ourselves with organizations motivated by the same passions.

“This is why we are proud to join forces with Zilliqa to offer our players access to projects that empower them to own their in-game assets, trade them securely, and earn from the value they generate.

“This partnership will allow XBorg to shape leading blockchain games, build out professional esport teams, tournaments, and leagues on upcoming Zilliqa competitive titles, and expand our Gaming Digital Identity product offering across Zilliqa exclusives.”

The duo is expected to cook up more Web3-based projects in the upcoming months.

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