ZOAN reveals photorealistic metaverse Cornerstone.land

ZOAN has announced Cornerstone.land, a metaverse experience with a total of 100 virtual terrains ranging from €10,000 to €20 million.
Cornerstone Zoan
ZOAN announced Cornertsone.land, a new Metaverse experience.

VR studio ZOAN announced that Cornerstone.land, a metaverse experience that will be released exclusively through the FUNGI platform, will be released soon. During the 1st quarter, a total of 100 virtual land parcels will be available for sale, with prices ranging from € 10,000 to € 20 million. The first plots will be available for purchase on FUNGI from January 31.

As virtual real estate in the meta-universe has become widespread, digital worlds such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, CryptoVoxels, and Somnium Space have attracted investors and led to millions of land sales. The structure of Cornerstone. land will be transformed into the perfect place for artists, brands, and creators to showcase their work, collaborate or provide in a more private setting.

ZOAN CEO Miikka Rosendahl gave the following words in his speech:

“Cornerstone.land is a passion project we’ve been dreaming up for years. It all started with the idea to build our virtual office and since then it’s grown into the creation of a whole land drop powered by blockchain technology. In Cornerstone.land, you can truly escape from reality. The raw beauty of the island is something that has never been seen before – it’s like starring in a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie, except you get to decide the plot.”

Cornerstone.land is divided into 100 land regions where each region is unique in terms of terrain, geography, and shape. When landholdings are 100% complete in the first quarter, Cornerstone volcano will erupt, and each part will grow exponentially. Landowners (“Cornerstonians”) will be able to take out building loans to design the metaverse experience best suited to their needs.

Cornerstone.land 3D metaverse is built with the Unreal Engine, allowing real-time rendering of high-quality graphics. Cornerstone.land charts will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs, specifically ERC-721 tokens. Users will be able to verify the ownership and transaction history of each NFT quickly. Each piece of land digitally validated by Ethereum smart contracts will be unique.

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