Zynga and Kenneth Cole team up for Pride Month

Kenneth Cole Pride 2021 fashion collection is coming to the game High Heels.

Game maker Zynga and fashion designer Kenneth Cole came together to celebrate Pride Month under Zynga’s partnership for the hyper-casual mobile game called High Heels.

The partnership will release the Kenneth Cole Pride 2021 fashion collection within the High Heels game, published by Zynga’s Rollic division and downloaded more than 60 million times. This collaboration marks the first time Kenneth Cole’s iconic street style will be featured in a mobile game and is another proof of how important the player base has become.

Kenneth Cole has been promoting a culture of equality and inclusion for nearly 40 years. In 2020, Kenneth Cole founded The Mental Health Coalition, whose mission is to create a like-minded community that will work together to eradicate all mental health conditions and provide equal access to vital resources and support for all.

A percentage of net sales for each Pride product purchased on Cole’s site will be donated to The Mental Health Coalition. The Coalition offers exclusive resources to LGBTQ + communities, including an LBGTQ + mental health guide and the ability to connect with their member organizations for support.

In the attached video, you can see Cole’s own words supporting the project and comments from Zynga’s head of publication Bernard Kim.


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