Zynga celebrates Valentine’s Day in its games

Zynga will hold 6 seperate events to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.
zynga valentines day farmville
Zynga will celebrate Valentine’s Day with in-game events.

Yesterday, Zynga Inc. announced Valentine’s Day events across its portfolio of games. Players will get Valentine’s Day themed challenges and courses, exclusive holiday wardrobes and updates, and rewards from some of their favorite characters.

“At Zynga, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love not only for our players but also for their love of gaming. Through our in-game events ranging from magical decorations to a Valentine’s Day picnic, we hope to remind our players around the world of their love for both community and great gameplay.”

Bernard Kim, Zynga’s President of Publishing.


FarmVille 3 //  Be My Buddy Valentine (Feb. 8 – 14)

Players are invited to complete an in-game quest to unlock a unique skin to transform their farmhand canine into Buddy Valentine, a holiday-themed dog with wings. Players will require Buddy’s help to clear out the farm of weeds or dirt piles and care for their animals to earn event points shaped like dog treats.

Players can also complete tasks on the farm to unlock a season pass with Caver Ginny, who will help city dwellers explore caves at FarmVille 3’s camping site from February 4 to March 3.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape // 
Carnival of Love 
(Feb. 9 – 20)

Players will witness a love triangle in this year’s “Carnival of Love.” They will compete with other farmers to make their carnival the talk of FarmVille and win keys, padlocks, and more. Players should finish at the top of the leader board to win the lovely cat, Lia Luna. Lia will help players find additional rare ingredients around their farm.

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape // Sweetheart Sale (Feb. 11 – 15)

Between February 11-15, players can garnish their island with unique Valentine’s Day decorations in FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape. These special, limited-edition items will be available at reasonable prices.

Golf Rival  //  Bow and Arrow Challenge & Rose Tournament (Feb. 11 – Feb. 23)

Golf Rival fans are in for a treat as they can explore multiple courses decorated in Valentine’s theme with roses, chocolates, the LOVE sign, and more. Players can tee up with three new unique balls: Rose Kiss, Choco Heart, and the Cupid.

The Rose Tournament is an 18-hole single-player challenge that will enable players to sharpen their skills and achieve personal best records while earning rewards. The Bow & Arrow Challenge is a 12-round PvP challenge. Players can win rewards such as coins, clubs, distinctive balls, and the legendary diamond chest.

Merge Dragons! //  My Sweet Valentine (Feb. 11 – Feb. 14)

In Merge Dragons! is hosting an ultra-special My Sweet Valentine event! Players will collect sweet treats to decorate their camp and merge to alter their looks. Plus, this weekend will offer the rare opportunity to meet the incredible Passion Dragon. This unique dragon is one not to miss.

Words With Friends // Rosy Romancers & New Rewards Pass (Feb. 14 – April 4)

Players can complete their Rewards Pass track to unlock all kinds of rewards including Tile Styles, Profile Frames, Stickers and more. The Rosy Romancers solo challenge will have players face off against classical romance characters like Morgan le Fay, Cyrano de Bergerac and Mr. Darcy to unlock the Cupid’s Bow Badge. In the Romantic Challenge, players can celebrate Valentine’s Day by collecting points over the course of the week to earn a permanent “Gift Box Badge” for their profile. 


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