Zynga completes headquarters move to San Mateo

The company left San Francisco for good and will have the new office at San Mateo as its HQ.
Zynga's new headquarters in San Matteo

About a month ago the game maker and publisher Zynga announced that the company was going to move its headquarters to San Mateo, California, after following the change to a hybrid workplace model. The company announced that the move officially happened and from this point on, the office in San Mateo will operate as Zynga’s HQ.

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The gaming giant’s new office is 5,760 square meters and is expected to house about 300 employees. Zynga’s office in San Francisco was significantly larger, approximately 17,787 square meters, and housed over 500 employees according to the company’s LinkedIn page.

A Zynga spokesperson said the move was necessary after switching workplace models. The spokesperson back in August said, “With fewer people working full-time in a physical Zynga office,” and added, “Our current real estate footprint is more space than we need.”

In an earnings call partnered with its parent company Take-Two, Zynga’s CFO Gerard Griffin said the company’s current lease was set to expire in July 2031 and added that this move will cost the company an $82 million charge due to terminating the contract early.

The new office in San Mateo will open its doors officially on September 22.

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