Zynga rolls up sleeves for cross-platform games

Zynga cross-platform games
Zynga rolls up sleeves for cross-platform games.

Its’s seems like Zynga‘s eyes are on PC and console. As a matter of fact, the company’s CEO, Frank Gibeau, who announced the Q4 results last day, announced that NaturalMotion started working on cross-platform games.

Speaking at the Q4 2020 Earnings Conference Call, CEO Frank Gibeau announced that they are actively working on a cross-platform game. It was said that the company developing the game is NaturalMotion.

“Gamers have been excited to seamlessly play across mobile, PCs, and consoles for a long time, and recent innovations in technology, including 5G, make this a reality,” said Gibeau.


Even if, Zynga will remain a “mobile-first” company but they want to take advantage of cross-platform opportunities to grow on different platforms.

That’s where you see a lot of billion dollar franchises,” he said. “And they’re driven by free-to-play dynamics and live services, which we think we have a competitive advantage in.

Pointing to its experience in Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as the team experienced in PC and console games, Gibeau stated that CSR Racing developer NaturalMotion is at the center of this effort. “We see the big win here,” said the CEO, who reiterated that they are working on a cross-platform, not just on PC or console.

Last year, COO Matt Blomberg said that Zynga is interested in cross-platform games, but there was no active development yet.

The first titles are expected to arrive towards the end of 2021 and grow in the coming years.

Zynga bought Peak Games and Rollic last year and added new titles to its library.

Gibeau also announced that Zynga wants to incorporate new companies. Last year, Zynga acquired Peak Games for $1.8 billion and 80% of Rollic shares for $180 million. The company, which predicts revenue of $2.6 billion for 2021 (a 32% Y/Y increase), stated that they will be able to make new acquisitions this year as well, but there is no final decision yet.

“As you know, we’ve been a consolidator inside of this business for a while, and we’re going to continue to be on offense [looking for] great companies, great cultures, great teams that we can bring into Zynga.”

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