10 Korean digital content companies attending Mobilefest 2021

Mobilefest 2021, the largest ICT fair and forum in the Middle East, will be held in Turkey between 11-13 November. Among the participants of the international fair are 10 different Korean digital content companies.
Mobilefest 2021
The Middle East’s largest information technology fair, Mobilefest, will take place in Istanbul.

The fair is hosted by ExpoHIS, with the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology. Mobilefest 2021 attracts more and more attention with the participation of 10 different digital content companies from Korea, which is described as a “digital powerhouse”.

The Korea Mobile Internet Business Association enabled Korean digital content companies to participate in the online exhibition, with the support of the Korean Ministry of Science and Information Technology, to cooperate and promote exchanges with Middle Eastern countries in the field of digital content. 10 Korean digital companies will attend the event, including WOONGJIN THINKBIG, Cellbig, and Victoria Productions.

A “MOIBA National Hall” has been opened for Korean companies participating in Mobilefest 2021. At the same time, the organizer organizes a number of exclusive promotional events for Korean companies. Within the scope of these events, opportunities such as promotional video for the opening, guidebooks, promotional videos for the main products are offered.

MOIBA Mobilefest
MOIBA played an active role in the participation of Korean companies in the fair.

Prior to the event, a 3-day contactless consultation process was initiated between Middle East and overseas venture capitals (VCs), buyers and Korean Companies. The consultation process will take place between 25-27 October. In addition, the promotion of Korea MOIBA National Hall will be made by the local press and official social media during the event.

Regarding the issue, the Mobilefest official made the following statement:

“Throughout the Middle East countries, the demand for K-content, represented as Hallyu, constantly increases with the high interest in the outstanding Korean digital content technology. The participation of Korean companies in this event will surely have a great impact on the exhibition, and at the same time, it is expected to contribute to the development of the global digital content industry. We will fully support this event.”

More about Mobilefest 2021

Organizer ExpoHIS makes the following statement about Mobilefest 2021:

“Companies, regardless of their size, needs technology solutions in different scope and scales. Whether they are in the beginning of digital transformation or looking for high end technologies, there’s a never ending need for digital solutions. In Mobilefest, we will host local and global companies to help them find the right solution and the right partner. Those solutions will include but not limited to: Web Site Building, Mobile Applications, CRM, ERP, Telecom Technologies, Data Processing & Storage, Cloud Computing, Network&Security, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Messaging, Mailing, Project Management, Attribution, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, AR,VR,XR, Smart Office Solutions, Creative & Design, Content Creation & Marketing, Social Media Management, Audio & Video Solutions etc.”

The fair, which has international importance, manages to attract attention with each passing day. You can learn more about Mobilefest 2021, which has the potential to offer significant opportunities for developers in Turkey, from its official site.

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